December 2014

1 December 2014

PMO refuses to share Netaji files

2 December 2014

“Aapko tay karna hai ki Dilli mein sarkar Ramzadon ki banegi ya haramzadon ki.” – Union minister Niranjan Jyoti

5 Dec 2014

BJP gains in polls after every riot, says Yale study

15 December  2014

Govt wants schools to observe ‘good governance day’ on Christmas

15 December  2014

“At a point of time, the entire world was Hindu.” – VHP leader Praveen Togadia

16 December  2014

“The Hindu and Muslim cultures do not match at all and those who consider this a homecoming, they should take lessons from the history. We welcome ghar wapasi (homecoming) only if it means that they (Muslims) are sent to Pakistan, because (Mohammad Ali) Jinnah has already created a home for them. It is time both nations exchange Hindus and Muslims, it is the only solution to this problem,” “Hindus have always had a calm nature and have always respected other religions but Muslims are fanatics and revolting in nature” “If Muslims convert or reconvert to Hinduism and then marry Hindus, it will lead to genetic abnormalities in the Hindu community”. – Shiv Sena UP head Anil Singh

By 2021, we will finish Islam and Christianity,” – Manch head Rajeshwar Singh

17 December 2014

Modi aise maun hai jaise koi sanp sungh gaya ho. Lekin hame sanp ka jahar nikalna aata hai.” Sangh Parivar affiliate slams Modi in presence of CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan

19 December 2014

Ayodhya sadhus criticise reconversion drive, say RSS is playing politics with blood,-say-RSS-is-playing-politics-with-blood

19 December 2014

I will skin you alive …I will beat you to pulp” : Rajasthan Kota BJP MLA Prahlad Gunjal threatened and abused doctor (Chief Medical Officer)

21 December  2014

RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat justifies ‘ghar wapsi“Bhule bhatke jo bhai gaye hain, unko wapas layenge. Woh log apne aap nahin gaye, unko loot kar, lalach de kar le kar gaye… Abhi chor pakda gaya hai. Mera maal chor ke paas hai. Aur yeh duniya jaanti hai. Mein apna maal wapas loonga, yeh kaunsi badi baat hai (We will bring back our brothers who have lost their way. They did not go on their own. They were robbed, tempted into leaving… Now the thief has been caught and the world knows my belongings are with the thief. I will retrieve my belongings, so why is this such a big issue).” – RSS sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat

22 December  2014

VHP converts 33 Christians in Kerala

December 22, 2014

Broken idols found in Saharanpur, Bijnore; buffalo carcass in Muzaffarnagar temple Shiv Sena has announced that it will hold a Hindu Mahapanchayat in Muzaffarnagar BJP announced that it will launch an agitation

22 December 2014

Hindu Man Arrested For Temple Desecration Incidents in Muzaffarnagar

December 23, 2014

Desh Raj buffalo carcasses in a temple and a dog carcass in a mosque to fan communal violence says “koi masjid na rahe, sirf mandir rahe

24 December 2014

Girls must not wear short tops to avoid rape, says Rajkot BJP mayor

25 December 2014

Why not give Nathuram Godse the Bharat Ratna too?

26 December  2014

Aeroplanes in Vedic age could fly between planets – Speaker at Indian Science Congress “Schools in BJP-ruled Gujarat have also been given textbooks authored by controversial historian Dinanath Batra who claimed that cars were invented in ancient India.”

27 December  2014

“bahu lao-beti bachao” – Bajrang Dal state convenor Ajju Chauhan

30 December  2014

Centre spending 8L/day on 5-star comforts of 92 MPs. All the 92 MPs have already been allotted a government house.

December 31, 2014

Outrage over BJP MP’s remarks on farmers suicide “Let these farmers fend for themselves. If crops fail, they will figure out what to do. And if they dying, let them die,” said Mr. Dhotre, BJP MP Akola

31 December 2014