September 2014

2 September 2014

Climate change? Is this terminology correct?” – Modi

4 September 2014

Amit Shah rents eight-bedroom government bungalow at just Rs 3,875 per month

5 September 2014

Teachers Day speech: PM Modi says no climate change

5 September 2014

‘Love Jihad’ and religious conversion polarize in Modi’s India

We will cleanse our Hindu society. We will not let the conspiracy of church or mosque succeed in Bharat (India),”
– Rajeshwar Singh, RSS

7 September 2014

“In places where there are 10 to 20% minorities, stray communal incidents take place. Where there are 20 to 35% of them, serious communal riots take place and where they are more than 35%, there is no place for non-Muslims,”
– Yogi Adityanath, Bharatiya Janata Party’s lead campaigner, BJP MP from Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur

9 September 2014

VHP asked hindu girls in gujarat ‘do you want to become a whore’

9 September 2014

Is Narendra Modi a climate sceptic?

10 September 2014

BJP president Amit Shah booked for Muzaffarnagar hate speech

14 September 2014

They teach terrorism in Madrasas.
“Tell me about one madrassa where the tricolour is hoisted on August 15 and January 26”
– Bharatiya Janata Party, Party MP from Unnao, Sakshi Maharaj

15 September 2014

Money through trade of slaughtered animals goes into terrorism, therefore goes into killing us
– Maneka Gandhi, Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development

16 September 2014

human excretion’ of atheists caused U’khand floods.​​ This resulted in nature’s fury at Kedarnath in 2013.
– Uma Bharti, Union water resources minister

23 September 2014

Supreme Court ruling on police encounters: 5 controversial police encounters (Gujarat)

26 September 2014

Indian PM Modi summoned to answer human rights lawsuit in New York : Gujarat Riots

26 September 2014

US Federal Court Issues Summons Against Narendra Modi : Gujarat Riots

26 September 2014

Timeline of the Riots in Modi’s Gujarat