April 2014

5 April 2014
“This not just another election. This is the time to avenge the insult meted out to our community. This election will be a reply to those who have been ill treating our mothers and sisters”

“A man can live without food or sleep. He can live when he’s thirsty and hungry. But when he’s insulted, he can’t live. We must seek revenge for the insult heaped on us”
– Amit Shah, BJP President

Election Commission bans rallies by Amit Shah over religious hatred

India ruling party president charged with causing religious tensions

Amit Shah calls for ‘revenge’ in Muzaffarnagar

Vote for BJP if you want revenge: Amit Shah at Muzaffarnagar

19 April 2014

Those who want to stop Narendra Modi from becoming prime minister will have no place in India in the coming days. They will only have place in Pakistan.”
– Giriraj Singh, a BJP leader from Bihar

19 April 2014

Narendra Modi critics, expect no quarter, no mercy


26 April 2014

Subramanian Swamy Dubbed ‘CIA Agent‘ after Wikileaks Revelation


29 April 2014

The two sides of Modi’s Maninagar